How often have you been in this situation? Your client calls and asks you for a cash advance against their personal injury case but you tell them it would be unethical for you to do so (considering you are an attorney, not a banker). You want to help your client but aren't sure what to do. We have a simple solution for you! Refer your client to LH Funding Corporation!

Larry Hoffman practiced personal injury for 10 years. He understands the needs and concerns when it comes to funding and he will do everything possible to make the process easier.

LH Funding was established to provide funding solutions to personal injury plaintiffs. We assume the risk that if there is no recovery from the pending lawsuit, your client will not owe us anything. This is called non-recourse funding. THIS IS NOT A LOAN. Unlike a loan, if you lose your case, your client does not owe LH Funding anything. If your client needs surgery but insurance has cut off benefits, we will provide the funding to pay for the surgery.

LH Funding helps level the playing field to allow you to negotiate the settlement your client deserves. You don't want your client to accept a low offer just because they are desperate for money. We will not interfere with your handling of the case.

LH Funding will work with you in obtaining the pertinent facts about the client's case and for us to be able to set the funding amount. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable with the amount to be funded so you will have the ability to settle the case without being hindered by the payment of LH Funding's lien.

Based on NY State Ethics Opinion, it is ethical for a lawyer to recommend a funding company if his/her client is in need. Plaintiffs often consult their attorneys when they need funding. LH Funding will be more than willing to offer you cash advances especially if your client needs surgery funding.

If you have questions, please feel free to call us at 516-216-4353 or 800-260-0419. You may also send us an email at