Financing Options for Attorneys

Litigation costs have skyrocketed in recent years. The financial burden for an attorney to run a practice has become enormous. As such, LH Funding does review cases for funding for law firms tied to personal injury cases.

As a former practicing attorney, Larry understands the demands on your time when it comes to handling a personal injury case. You want to give all your time and attention in resolving the case. You would desire not to deal with extra paperwork or requests from the defendant to offer a settlement amount lower than what your client deserves. However, your client faces financial burden and it might create a negative impact on your ability to settle the case for what your client deserves.

This is where LH Funding Corporation will come in. We will help you deal with your client’s situation. We can:

  1. Provide cash advance to your client at fair rates
  2. Will make the process easier – not adding extra workload on your part

LH Funding will help your client during tough times.

Please submit a referral if you have a client that needs financial assistance. If you’d like us to contact you about your case, please complete the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Additionally, LH Funding can offer a program to attorneys which will provide financing to pay for the firms entire disbursement outlay and enable the law firm to recoup the finance charges at the end of each individual case.  Call us now to learn more about this exciting program.